Big Data Analytic.

We are the partner of Datameer™ in Indonesia. Datameer is the only end-to-end big data analytics platform for Hadoop that empowers business users to directly integrate, analyze, and visualize any data. We are reducing the ETL process, combined it into one platform to make things easier, simpler and faster.

AAI – DataLab™ is the data analysis platform. Armed with the best data scientist, and the most reliable platform we enable you to gain more from your data. Let’s capitalized your data to serve your customer better, expand your business better, and control your cost better.

Customer 360.

To understand who is your customer is the key of survival. Our Customer 360, enables you to understand who is your customer. Decide strategically, provide custom services for each and every of your customer, because each of them is different and special.

Predictive Maintenance.

You are running a mission critical operation, you can’t afford any mistakes, you need predictive maintenance. Maintain the system at the right time, improve the Operation cost, and as well your Capital cost.

IoT Platorm Provider.

Managing your network, guaranteed customer satisfaction, enable your state of the art security center, our IoT Platform will enable you to do that. We are Axiros partner in Indonesia. Axiros’ Open Device Management solutions enable telcos and manufacturers worldwide to streamline and automate the entire service lifecycle of fixed/mobile broadband networks (DSL, LTE, DOCSIS and Legacy) for both consumer and business market segments.

Axiros deploys its products on premise, hosted or in the cloud, making it as much a software company as it is a product company. This unique approach has led Axiros to become the market leader in Europe. Many of the world´s leading telcos are currently using Axiros products to provision and monitor millions of devices in near real-time across the globe.

QoS/QoE Services.

Diagnose and perform remediation related to a customer technical service call. At a glance, You’ll shown a holistic overview about the type of device and service which the subscriber has and called in for and allows real-time identification of issues. Guaranteed your customer experience and improve their expectation.

WiFi Optimization. 

Improve your network internally & externally, with our experienced team, we are deliver the best in class services of WiFi optimization, guaranteed the experience of your customer.